8mm vs. 10mm Nose Rings

Nose rings have become an increasingly popular piercing choice. With options between 8mm and 10mm sizes, selecting the right diameter nose ring for your piercing is important for comfort and style. This guide examines the differences between 8mm and 10mm nose rings to help you determine the perfect fit.

What Are Nose Rings? 

Nose piercings are located on the nostril or septum area of the nose. Jewelry like nose rings or studs are worn in these piercings. Nose rings refer specifically to hoop style jewelry worn in nostril piercings. 

These circular nose rings slide into the piercing hole and sit against the nose. Common diameters for nose rings are 8mm and 10mm. The size you choose impacts comfort and appearance.

What is an 8mm Nose Ring?

What is an 8mm Nose Ring

An 8mm nose ring has a diameter of 8 millimeters. This is equivalent to approximately 5/16 inches. The small 8mm size is the most common and popular diameter for nose rings. 

This dainty jewelry style offers a snug fit in nose piercings. The dimensions are well-suited to accentuating the nostrils without being overly noticeable. 8mm rings give you a subtle nose piercing look.

Pros of 8mm Nose Ring  

There are many advantages to choosing an 8mm nose ring:

  • Comfortable fit: The petite diameter won’t irritate or put pressure on a healing piercing. The 8mm size avoids discomfort from jewelry that’s too tight or bulky in nose piercings.
  • Versatile styling: Dainty 8mm rings complement small studs and other facial piercings without drawing too much attention. This jewelry can transition seamlessly from day to night. 
  • Flattering proportions: The thin profile and circumference elegantly highlights the nose shape. An 8mm nose ring won’t appear too bold or overwhelm delicate facial features.
  • Traditional size: This is the standard diameter that most nostril piercings are initially pierced at. Opting for the popular 8mm size makes finding jewelry easier.

What is a 10mm Nose Ring?

What is a 10mm Nose Ring

A 10mm nose ring has a 10 millimeter diameter, equivalent to about 3/8 inches. The slightly larger size provides a relaxed fit in nose piercings compared to the snug 8mm jewelry.

10mm rings have an edgier, bolder appearance. The ample dimensions make a statement and stand out more than petite nose jewelry. 10mm rings work well if you want to show off your nose piercing.

Comparing the 8mm and 10mm Nose Rings

Nose Ring SizeDiameterProsCons
8mm5/16 inchesComfortable fit, versatile, flattering proportionsCan feel snug over time, less visible
10mm3/8 inchesBold look, roomy fit for swelling/cleaningMay be overly large on some, moves more

There are key differences when considering 8mm versus 10mm nose rings:

  • Diameter: The 2mm difference in diameter results in a more fitted or loose feel. 8mm has a tighter fit while 10mm offers more space.
  • Look: Ten millimeter rings make piercings pop while 8mm has a more understated appearance. The larger size creates a bolder, edgier style.
  • Comfort: Petite 8mm rings hug piercings closely for a secure feel. Larger 10mm provides ease of movement and accommodation for swelling. 
  • Visibility: Ten millimeter nose rings are more pronounced and eye-catching. The 8mm diameter is more subtle and discreet in look.

8mm Vs. 10mm Nose Ring – How to Choose the Right Size

8mm Vs. 10mm Nose Ring – How to Choose the Right Size

Selecting the ideal nose ring diameter depends on your piercing, personal style, and comfort preferences. Consider these tips when deciding between 8mm and 10mm sizes:

Understanding Your Piercing

Take into account the current diameter of your jewelry and any sizing guidance from your piercer. This provides a starting point. Those with new piercings should opt for snug 8mm rings to allow proper healing. Loosely fitting 10mm rings can irritate or prolong healing. If your piercing is well-healed, you can experiment with both 8mm and 10mm rings to see what feels best. 

Comfort and Lifestyle

Active lifestyles and sports benefit from the security of fitted 8mm rings. The snugness keeps jewelry from shifting and supports healing. Ten millimeter rings accommodate swelling and cleaning. This makes them ideal for new or frequently irritated piercings. Weightlifters and heavy jewelry wearers may prefer roomy 10mm rings to prevent discomfort from friction and pressure. Consider your climate as well. Larger diameter rings allow breathability which reduces sweatiness in warm weather.

Seeking Professional Advice

Consult your piercer for tips on ideal sizing based on your piercing placement, anatomy, and healing progress. Have a piercer assess ring diameters in person if you are torn between sizes. Trying on both 8mm and 10mm rings in your piercing provides the best fit comparison. Ask about available nose ring thicknesses. Thinner rings can allow slightly larger diameters without excess bulkiness.

Caring for Your Nose Ring

Caring for Your Nose Ring

Once you’ve selected the perfect size nose ring for comfort and style, be diligent about proper aftercare. These tips will help keep your 8mm or 10mm nose ring healthy:

  • Clean the piercing site twice daily using saline spray or non-abrasive antimicrobial soap to prevent infection.
  • Rinse rings thoroughly after cleaning to remove residue. Soap and debris left behind can cause irritation.
  • Avoid touching or moving the ring unnecessarily which can introduce bacteria. Never remove rings before the piercing has fully healed.
  • Use cotton swabs soaked in saline or water to gently remove any crusting around the edges of the ring opening. Don’t pick at crusts.
  • Carefully reinstate any rings you remove for cleaning. Reinsert them using clean hands and follow the angle of the original piercing.
  • See your piercer about appropriate jewelry material and gauge to support healing. High quality metals like implant grade stainless steel are ideal options.

With the right size and careful aftercare, nose rings can beautifully adorn your face. Take the time to determine if a dainty 8mm or bold 10mm nose ring better fits your style and comfort needs. Your piercer can also provide guidance to help you select the perfect diameter ring to show off your fabulous nostril piercing.


Is a 10mm nose ring too big?

A 10mm nose ring may be too big if you have a smaller nose or piercing, but it allows for more swelling and easier cleaning. An 8mm nose ring is often best for most nostril piercings and noses.

What mm is best for nose ring?

The most common and versatile nose ring size is 8mm, as 10mm can appear overly large on some people. Opt for 10mm only if you desire a very bold, noticeable look from your nose piercing.

What gauge nose ring looks best?

20 or 18 gauge nose rings tend to look best, as they balance visibility with a lightweight, comfortable fit in nostril piercings. Avoid excessively thin or thick gauges that could irritate piercings or appear awkward.

How long is 8mm nose ring?

An 8mm nose ring has an overall length of about 5/8 inches when properly fitted inside the curvature of the pierced nostril. Standard 8mm nose ring diameters measure approximately 5/16 inches across.


When it comes to nose rings, the diameter you choose makes a difference in comfort, healing, and appearance. Narrow 8mm nose rings offer a secure, understated look perfect for new piercings or petite features. The snug fit prevents irritation and keeps jewelry stable during activity. For those desiring a statement piercing, 10mm rings showcase your nose art with ample room for swelling and cleaning. The slightly larger diameter stands out while still looking proportional on most. Carefully assess your anatomy, lifestyle and style preferences when deciding between 8mm and 10mm. 

While bold 10mm rings make your piercing pop, dainty 8mm rings provide versatile wearability for any occasion. Determine the ideal balance of fashion and function based on your needs. With proper aftercare and high-quality jewelry, you can rock your chosen 8mm or 10mm nose ring with confidence and style.


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