Triple Nose Piercing

Nose piercings have become increasingly popular over the last decade, allowing people to express their individuality through unique facial jewelry. While a single nose stud can make a subtle statement, triple nose piercings take things to the next level with an eye-catching arrangement on both sides of the nose.

What is a Triple Nose Piercing?

A triple nose piercing refers to having three piercings on each side of the nose. This creates a symmetric look with three studs or hoops lining each nostril. The most common triple nose piercing configuration places one stud at the tip of the nose, with the other two positioned on the side of the nostril along the crease. However, there are no set rules, and arrangements can be customized based on personal preference.

The piercings are usually symmetrical, with three studs on each side, but asymmetrical looks with different numbers of piercings on each side are also an option. Mixing up the jewelry by using different sized studs or hoops creates visual interest. The placement possibilities are almost endless for those looking to get creative.

Triple Nose Piercing – Step-by-Step Procedure

Triple Nose Piercing – Step-by-Step Procedure

Getting triple nose piercings requires a carefully planned process to ensure proper positioning and angles. Here is what to expect during the procedure:

First, the piercer will clean the nose area with an antibacterial soap to disinfect the skin. They will then mark the entry and exit points for each piercing using a sterile surgical marker. Piercings are done one at a time, starting with the highest stud at the tip of the nose. The piercer will insert a sterile piercing needle through the marked entry point, positioning it at the proper angle to come out the exit point on the inside of the nostril. A nose bone or screw is then inserted into the new piercing.

The process is repeated for the second and third piercings along the crease of the nostril, taking care to position them at equal distances apart. Jewelry is inserted into each new hole as it is created. Once all three piercings are complete on each side, the piercer will clean the area again and provide detailed aftercare instructions. This includes information on cleaning solutions, potential side effects, and signs of infection to watch for during the healing process.

Triple Nose Piercing – Video Procedure

Seeing the triple nose piercing procedure in action can help give a better idea of what to expect. This video walks through the process start to finish:

Key points to note are the precision and care taken by the piercer when marking and creating each hole. The video also demonstrates how jewelry is inserted immediately after each piercing is made to keep the holes open. Observing the triple nose piercing process ahead of time can help ease anxiety and prepare for your own experience. The procedure may seem more involved than a single nose piercing, but is relatively quick in skilled hands.

Triple Nose Piercing: Both Sides vs. One Side

Triple Nose Piercing: Both Sides vs. One Side

When planning triple nose piercings, an important decision is whether to get three studs on both sides of the nose or just one side. Here are some pros and cons to consider for each arrangement:

Both Sides


  • Creates visual symmetry for a balanced look
  • Allows for more creative mixing and matching of jewelry
  • Makes a bolder style statement


  • More piercings mean longer healing time
  • Higher risk of complications like infection
  • Can be more painful during procedure

One Side


  • Faster healing time with fewer piercings
  • Lower cost for jewelry and procedure
  • Easier to care for during healing


  • Look is asymmetrical and may seem incomplete
  • Less flexibility for jewelry arrangements
  • More subtle style statement

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference. Those wanting a high-impact triple nose piercing look will likely favor both sides, while those seeking something more low-key may opt for just one side.

The Pain Factor: What to Expect

The Pain Factor: What to Expect

Pain tolerance varies greatly for nose piercings. However, the triple nose piercing procedure involves being pierced multiple times in a sensitive area. Here is what most people report feeling:

Having three studs inserted on each side can lead to a sharp pinch and burning sensation as the needle passes through the nostril. The tip of the nose, with only a thin piece of skin separating it from the nasal cavity, may be the most painful spot. After the initial piercing, there is often some lingering soreness and tenderness in the area. This can cause mild throbbing or stinging that lasts for several hours up to a couple days as the new holes begin healing.

Taking over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help reduce discomfort during the procedure and as swelling sets in afterward. Icing the area immediately after may also provide some numbness and relief. Many report the second and third piercings hurt less than the first since the area becomes somewhat numb. Staying still and not clenching facial muscles during the procedure can help minimize pain. Working with an experienced piercer also lessens discomfort.

How Much Does a Triple Nose Piercing Cost?

The price for triple nose piercings includes fees for both the piercing service and the necessary jewelry. Total costs often range from $80 to $250. Here are some typical expenses:

  • Piercing fee: $40 – $100 per piercing ($120 – $300 total)
  • Jewelry: $15 – $60 per piece ($45 – $180 total)
  • Tip: 15-20% of the total piercing cost

So for three studs on each side, expect to spend $150 – $450 for a combination of service fees and jewelry. Higher-end piercing studios and specialized jewelry like diamonds can drive costs up. Price may also depend on where you live, with major metro areas generally being more expensive than small towns. Many piercers offer package deals for multiple piercings at a discounted rate.

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Piercer

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Piercer

Getting pierced by an experienced professional is critical for triple nose piercings. Here’s what to look for:

  • History of safely performing multiple facial piercings
  • Knowledge of nose anatomy to place piercings properly
  • Use of sterile needles and jewelry
  • High attention to hygiene and sanitation
  • Guidance on optimal aftercare
  • Great reviews and reputation

Avoid getting pierced somewhere like the mall with piercers who have limited training. The expertise and standards at a professional studio are well worth the investment for such delicate work on the face.

Ask to see a portfolio of the piercer’s past work and client reviews. Look for stellar ratings on sites like Yelp. And don’t be afraid to ask questions – a good piercer will explain the process and address any concerns.

Aftercare Tips for Quick Healing

Caring properly for new triple nose piercings is crucial. Follow these tips for the best healing results:

  • Clean piercings twice daily by spraying with saline wound wash and drying gently with gauze or paper towels. Avoid ointments.
  • Avoid touching piercings and only rotate jewelry carefully while cleaning.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication as needed for soreness and swelling.
  • Apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth for 10 minutes a few times daily to reduce inflammation.
  • Sleep on your back to avoid irritating new piercings. Use a travel pillow if needing to sleep on your side.
  • Avoid submerging piercings in water from baths, pools, etc. Showers are okay but avoid directly spraying your face.
  • Keep hair pulled back to minimize contact with piercings.
  • Avoid makeup, creams, and sunscreen around the nose until healed.
  • Don’t play with jewelry or attempt to change it out during the initial healing period.

With proper aftercare, swelling and tenderness should subside within a week or two. Full healing takes 2-3 months. See your piercer if significant redness, bleeding or pus occur – a sign of infection.

Common Complications & Solutions

Common Complications & Solutions

Despite best practices, some problems can occur with triple nose piercings. Here are some common complications and how to handle them:

Bleeding: It’s normal for some minor bleeding to occur right after piercing. Apply steady pressure with gauze for 5-10 minutes to stop it. See a doctor if bleeding is excessive. Infection: Symptoms like pus, increased pain, swelling and redness may indicate infection. See your piercer or doctor right away for evaluation and possible oral antibiotics. Bumps: Small, swollen bumps can develop due to irritation. Leave bumps alone and continue cleaning piercings as normal. Most bumps resolve in a few weeks.

Scarring: Scarring is uncommon with proper piercing technique but can happen. Silicone sheeting applied regularly after piercing may help minimize scarring. Asymmetry: Slight differences in stud placement on each side are common. Once healed, piercings can be repierced if very noticeably uneven. Rejection: In rare cases, the body may reject the piercing, causing migration or discharge.


Is it okay to get 3 nose piercings at once? 

It is generally not recommended to get more than 2 piercings done at once on your nose due to increased risk of infection and irritation. Speaking with your piercer is best to determine if your anatomy can properly heal 3 simultaneous piercings.

What is the name of the triple nose piercing? 

A triple nose piercing, also called a trinity nose piercing, refers to having three piercings arranged vertically or in a triangle shape along one side of the nose.

Do girls look good with nose piercings? 

Nose piercings can accentuate girls’ features in a bold fashion statement, though personal preference determines attractiveness; while some find the look trendy or edgy, others feel nose piercings may not complement certain faces or styles.

How painful is a nose piercing? 

Getting a nose piercing involves a brief sharp pain as the needle passes through but the pain level is mild and manageable for most, lasting only a few seconds; however, the nose area is sensitive so some individuals experience more notable discomfort during the piercing.


A triple nose piercing can be an eye-catching look when done properly. While it requires patience to heal multiple piercings simultaneously, taking good care of the site is key. Be sure to visit an experienced piercer for help in determining if your anatomy is suited. Quality jewelry material is also important for reducing irritation. Overall, a triple piercing amplifies the edgy vibe of a single nose ring but does demand a longer commitment to the aftercare process for the piercings to integrate fully.

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