Who is Parker Schnabel Wife? Ex-Girlfriend & Dating Life

Parker Schnabel is a young American gold miner and television personality widely known for his role in the popular show Gold Rush. Born in Alaska in 1994, Schnabel comes from a family with a long history in the mining industry. 

He gained fame for his adventurous spirit and determination to strike it rich by exploring gold mines around the world. With a strong following on social media, Schnabel continues to capture the attention of audiences with his exciting mining adventures and down-to-earth personality.

Parker Schnabel Dating Life

Parker Schnabel Dating Life

Parker Schnabel’s dating life refers to the romantic relationships and experiences of the famous gold miner and TV personality. Many fans wonder, Who is Parker dating? as they follow his journey on the Gold Rush. 

While he keeps his personal life private, Schnabel has been linked with various women in the past. He prefers to focus on his mining career rather than sharing details about his current romantic partner.

Parker Schnabel Wife

“Parker Schnabel’s Wife” refers to the hypothetical spouse of Parker Schnabel, the American gold miner and television personality known for his role in the show Gold Rush. As of now, Parker Schnabel is not married and has never been married, indicating that he does not currently have a wife. 

Despite speculation and occasional rumors surrounding his dating life, Schnabel has not publicly disclosed any details about a romantic partner or potential wife. Thus, the term “Parker Schnabel’s Wife” simply denotes the concept of a marital partner for Schnabel, which is currently nonexistent in reality.

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Parker Schnabel is temporarily Elusive!

“Parker Schnabel is temporarily elusive” means that he is currently difficult to find or reach. This suggests that he is intentionally keeping a low profile or staying out of the public eye for a period of time. 

It could be because he wants privacy or needs time away from attention. So, right now, Parker Schnabel is not as visible or accessible as he usually is, taking a break from public life or choosing to focus on other things.

Parker Schnabel’s Ex-girlfriend: Ashley Youle

Stepping into the spotlight, Ashley Youle, once intertwined with Parker Schnabel’s journey, graced Season 7, Episode 25 of the famed Gold Rush series.

How did Ashley Youle and Parker Schnabel meet?

How did Ashley Youle and Parker Schnabel meet?

Ashley Youle and Parker Schnabel met in 2016 during one of Parker’s trips to Australia. Parker was on a break from his gold mining adventures when he crossed paths with Ashley. They hit it off quickly, finding a strong connection and sparking chemistry. 

Parker invited Ashley to join him for a summer of gold mining in Alaska, and she eagerly accepted. This meeting marked the beginning of their relationship, which would later become a notable part of Parker’s journey on the reality show Gold Rush.

Reasons for Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle’s Split

Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle split because of differences in priorities. Parker, deeply dedicated to his gold mining work, felt it clashed with their relationship. He regretfully admitted to neglecting Ashley’s needs for attention, leading to strains. 

Despite their initial chemistry, the couple couldn’t reconcile their conflicting lifestyles. Ultimately, their breakup was mutual, as Parker realized he couldn’t balance work and romance effectively.

Ashley Youle’s relationship status now

Ashley Youle, formerly known as Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend, has moved on from their relationship. She is currently in a new relationship with Mitch Baker. They seem happy together and often share pictures of their time spent with each other on social media platforms like Instagram. Ashley’s

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend: Tyler Mahoney (Rumored)

Rumors swirled about Parker Schnabel’s relationship with Tyler Mahoney during the fourth season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in 2020. Their on-screen chemistry sparked speculation among fans, but no evidence supported the rumors. 

Mahoney, an Australian gold miner and model, shares a passion for gold mining with Schnabel. Mahoney is already in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jake Bennett, dispelling any notions of romance between her and Schnabel. Their camaraderie on the show was simply a result of their shared interest in gold mining, nothing more.

Were Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel dating?

Were Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel dating?

“Were Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel dating?” was a question that stirred up curiosity among fans. Despite their close partnership on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel were not romantically involved. 

The speculation arose due to their strong on-screen chemistry, but it was later clarified that Mahoney already had a boyfriend, dispelling any dating rumors surrounding the pair.

Parker Schnabel Rumored Girlfriend: Sheena 

Sheena is a person who was rumored to be dating Parker Schnabel, a famous gold miner. In 2018, there was a lot of talk about them being together because of a photo Parker posted on Instagram. People thought they were a couple, but Sheena later posted a picture with her real husband, showing that the rumors about her and Parker weren’t true.

Truth About Parker Schnabel’s Gay Rumors

Despite rumors, Parker Schnabel is not gay. Some people thought he might be gay because he stayed single after breaking up with Ashley. But there’s no real proof. Schnabel said he just wanted to focus on his work for a while. So, those rumors aren’t true. He’s just a guy doing his job, not worried about who he’s dating.

Summing Up

Parker Schnabel, the gold miner from Gold Rush, is not married and doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. He’s been focusing a lot on digging for gold all over the world. Before, he was with a girl named Ashley, but they broke up because he spent too much time on work. 

Some people thought he was dating another girl named Tyler, but that was just a rumor. He’s not interested in dating for now. People also thought he might be gay, but that’s not true. Parker is just taking his time to focus on his job and not worrying about relationships.


Who was the ex-girlfriend of Parker Schnabel?

Ashley Youle was Parker Schnabel’s ex-girlfriend.

Is Parker Schnabel gay?

No, Parker Schnabel is not gay.

How old is Parker Schnabel?

Parker Schnabel is 29 years old (as of 2023).

What is Parker Schnabel’s profession?

Parker Schnabel is a gold miner.

Is Parker Schnabel single right now?

Yes, Parker Schnabel is currently single.

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