David Bromstad Siblings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

David Bromstad hit it big in 2006. He was the winner of HGTV Design Star’s very first season.

Since then, he’s been a familiar face on the network. David has hosted lots of popular shows like Color Splash, My Lottery Dream Home, and Beach Flip.

Viewers love David’s unique personality and style. He’s known for his bold, vibrant designs and creativity. David is also a major Disney fan and tattoo enthusiast. David’s siblings have played a huge role in his success story. This tight-knit crew has stuck by his side through all the twists and turns.

From an interior designer sis to a therapist bro, the Bromstads are a colorful, quirky bunch. But their bond is built on something deeper than just shared genes.

In this post, we’ll pull back the curtain on David’s ride-or-dies. Get ready to meet the family behind the designer extraordinaire!

David Bromstad Siblings

While David found massive success as the Season 1 winner of HGTV Design Star, he didn’t do it alone. The famous TV personality has three siblings who’ve championed his creative dreams from day one.

This mixed-ethnicity family of four stuck together through thick and thin. From humble beginnings to colorful adventures on shows like Color Splash and My Lottery Dream Home, the Bromstad brood’s unbreakable bond shines through.

Who is David Bromstad brother?

Meet Dean Richard Bromstad – David’s one and only brother. As the eldest sibling, Dean paved the way for his internationally-renowned little bro’s passion projects.

While not as famous, Dean’s pursued a different path that fits his personality. This low-key soul works at POPP Communications, a cloud-based phone and internet services company in Long Lake, Minnesota.

Despite his private lifestyle, Dean’s clearly proud of David’s accomplishments. The two share an uncanny family resemblance and close bond, often mistaken as twins!

Dean may keep it chill and out of the limelight, but he’s a fam man at heart. A new romance with partner Bonnie has this Bromstad beaming, sharing sweet snaps of their quality time together.

Does David Bromstad have a child?

Does David Bromstad have a child?
Does David Bromstad have a child?

Nope, the HGTV star hasn’t welcomed any little ones…yet! David’s dreams of fatherhood are still just that – dreams for now.

The openly gay designer has been in a few relationships over the years. But none resulted in the ultimate prize of parenthood for this career-driven catch.

David’s most high-profile partnership was with Jeffrey Glasko. After meeting at a Florida club in 2004, the two lovebirds shared 11 years together before splitting in 2015 due to personal struggles.

These days, David’s focused on self-improvement and individual progress. But with his big heart and nurturing spirit, he’d likely make an awesome dad someday if the stars align!

David Bromstad husband

Speaking of romance, does David have a lucky partner to call his husband? As of now, the HGTV fan-fave is enjoying the single life and riding solo.

David’s kept his love life on the down-low since his split from his ex Jeffrey Glasko. No whirlwind romances or hush-hush beaus to spill the tea on for this private personality!

That said, David’s always down to mingle at LGBTQ+ events and Pride festivals. His socials often feature fun snapshots with various hunky companions.

But don’t mistake those scenes for anything serious. For now, it seems David’s just keeping his options open and going with the flow when it comes to matters of the heart.

Dean Richard Bromstad

Let’s circle back to David’s big bro – the elusive Dean Richard. As we mentioned, this eldest Bromstad sibling marches to the beat of his own drum.

Working in sales at POPP Communications, Dean settled down to build a quiet life in Minnesota. He’s a doting dad to daughter Brianna Standa and loves spending QT with the grandkids too.

On his social pages, Dean gives a rare peek into his world. He’s an “easy-going person that loves life” who cherishes simple joys like quality time with friends and family.

His Facebook posts ooze affection for his loved ones. Like when he gushed over girlfriend Bonnie being a “great soul and friend” or celebrated his dad’s 80th birthday milestone.

David Bromstad net worth

David Bromstad net worth
David Bromstad net worth

No doubt about it – David’s vibrant persona and creative talents transformed into a lucrative career and healthy nest egg!

Thanks to his starring roles on HGTV hits and brand partnerships, David Bromstad’s net worth sits at an impressive $4 million as of 2023.

The TV star rakes in an annual salary of around $500,000 just from hosting the fan-favorite “My Lottery Dream Home” alone. On the show, he helps lucky lotto winners turn their wildest real estate dreams into reality.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this savvy businessman! David’s smart investments in properties like his $950K Orlando Tudor mansion pad the bottom line too.

Dyonne Rachael Bromstad

While Dean took a different route, David’s eldest sister Dyonne shares his passion for all things design and decor. Clearly, those creative genes run strong!

Like her famous sibling, Dyonne pursued an education and career in interior design. She even landed some fun cameos on David’s HGTV shows over the years!

These days, Dyonne splits her time between enjoying family life as a mom of three (Maddy, Cooper, and Syd) and her role as an office coordinator at Northern Life Wellness.

When she’s not juggling work or kid duties, you can find this eldest sis hitting the latest design collab or checking out hot local home goods stores.

Glimpses into Dyonne’s life on social show her rocking bold, funky looks – just like her trendsetting bro! She’s the definition of a cool-girl mom embracing her inner free spirit.

From design know-how to childcare wisdom, it’s clear David has an open line to his sibling’s valuable insights and support whenever he needs it.

Dynelle Renee Bromstad

Dynelle Renee Bromstad
Dynelle Renee Bromstad

They say sisters are your built-in best friends for life. And that rings true for David’s ultra-close relationship with his other sis Dynelle Renee.

Unlike their star bro and creative Dyonne, Dynelle veered off the traditional career path. This nurturing soul channeled her compassion into the medical field at an early age.

After studying nursing at Bethel University, Dynelle worked as a registered nurse. She specialized in surgical intensive care units and labor/delivery wings – two high-stakes roles that require extreme care and empathy.

But Dynelle didn’t stop there! She circled back to hit the books again, training as a marriage and family counselor at Adler Graduate School.

Today, Dynelle owns her own private therapy practice. She deftly guides patients recovering from addiction, anxiety, depression, and marital troubles using her medical and mental health expertise.

Dynelle’s philosophy? Treat the mind, body, and soul as interconnected parts of one whole being. It’s an approach rooted in her experience as both healer and nurturer.

If that’s not inspiring enough, Dynelle practiced what she preaches. She built a beautiful blended family starring six children from previous relationships!

Dynelle’s a doting mom who cherishes each kiddo’s milestones and achievements. Her social feeds exude affection through snapshots and loving captions dedicated to her babies (even her fully-grown adult ones).

From celebrating homecomings to attending dance recitals, Dynelle’s the ultimate cheerleader. She’s also the Bromstad who most frequently gives fans a peek into her personal life online.

The Bromstads prove that blood runs thicker than fame and fortune. Though their strides in life vary, these four siblings always stick together through it all.

With David’s bold, vibrant spirit and his family’s loving support system keeping him grounded, they’re a picture-perfect crew. Career-wise or not, the Bromstads know the true meaning of staying humble and connected at the end of the day.

While the Bromstad siblings have taken different paths in life, they share an incredibly close bond that has only grown stronger over the years. Despite David’s rise to fame and demanding career, he has always made time for his family and prioritized their relationships.

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Does David Bromstad have a child?

Nope, the HGTV star hasn’t welcomed any little ones into his life just yet. David is currently focused on his career and personal growth. While he’s mentioned wanting kids someday, he hasn’t taken that leap into fatherhood…for now at least!

Does David Bromstad have any nieces or nephews?

You bet! Thanks to his siblings Dean, Dyonne, and Dynelle, David is a proud uncle to several nieces and nephews. He seems to especially dote on Dean’s daughter Brianna’s kids. Family is super important to the Bromstads, so you know this fun uncle spoils his nieces and nephews rotten!

What ethnicity is David from Lottery Dream Home?

David comes from a mixed ethnic background. His father is of Norwegian descent, while his mother has Swedish and German roots. This melting pot of cultures no doubt contributed to David’s vibrant, eclectic sense of style and personality!

Did David Bromstad get married?

As of now, David is unmarried and enjoying the single life. He was previously in a long-term relationship with Jeffrey Glasko that ended in 2015 after 11 years together. While David seems open to finding love again someday, he’s not rushing down the aisle anytime soon. For this HGTV star, focusing on self-love and growth is the current priority.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the Bromstad siblings are more than just family – they’re an inseparable crew. Despite their different paths, they’ve stuck by each other through thick and thin. Their bond goes beyond blood; it’s a deep friendship filled with unconditional love, support, and lots of laughter.

Whether celebrating wins or lifting each other up during tough times, the Bromstads keep it real. They embrace their quirks and let their true selves shine, no filters needed. For David, his siblings are his biggest fans and confidants. And as he continues wowing audiences, he knows his ride-or-dies have his back, just like they’ve always had from the start.

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