Tupac Nose Piercing Left Or Right

Over his prolific but short career, Tupac Shakur was known for his nose ring almost as much as his music. But fans have debated for years did he wear the hoop on the left or right side? Let’s settle this once and for all. 

Tupac Amaru Shakur, better known by his stage name 2Pac, was one of the most iconic rappers of the 1990s. Known for his politically charged lyrics and thug persona, Tupac’s signature look included a nose ring – specifically, a small hoop piercing on one side of his nose. 

In this article, we’ll thoroughly investigate this question using photo evidence and insights from Tupac’s friends and colleagues. We’ll follow Tupac’s nose ring throughout his career to finally determine, once and for all, if it was on the left or right.

Is Nose Piercing on the Left or Right More Attractive?

When getting a basic nose stud or hoop piercing, most people have the choice of placing it on either the left or right nostril. But is one side considered more fashionable or attractive than the other? Generally, there is no consensus on which side is more appealing for a nose piercing. It usually comes down to personal preference and facial symmetry. Some people choose the right side simply because it’s their dominant hand and easier to put in and take out jewelry. 

Others believe the left side better highlights facial features and looks more edgy. But style experts say nostril piercings look great on either side – and wearing one on each side can create a fun, symmetrical look. So feel free to get your nose pierced on the left or right, or rock both, like Tupac did at times during his career. The most important thing is choosing the side you feel most confident and comfortable with.

Why a Left Nose Piercing is Beautiful

Why a Left Nose Piercing is Beautiful

While nose piercings look stylish on either side, many think a stud or hoop on the left nostril has a particular beauty and allure. Here are some reasons why a left nose piercing stands out: It creates asymmetry and makes your face more interesting to look at. The asymmetry draws attention to your other features. It highlights the contours of the nose and bone structure on that side of the face. It has an unconventional and edgy vibe, compared to the more common right-side piercing.

In Indian culture, it has a traditional significance – a left nose stud is worn by married women as a sign of their marital status. So if you want your nose piercing to stand out and make a statement, consider placing it on the left side. The subtle yet striking asymmetry can give your face a gorgeous new dimension.

What Does a Nose Stud Mean for a Woman?

A nose stud holds a range of cultural, historical, and personal meaning for women who wear them. Here are some of the common things a nose piercing can symbolize:

Beauty, femininity, and style: Marriage or relationship status 

Nose studs are linked to traditional ideas of beauty in Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. They highlight feminine features. In Indian culture, a left nose stud indicates a woman is married. Some wear them as a more discreet wedding ring alternative.

Coming of age: Independence and confidence

In some Latino cultures, girls get a nose stud after their Quinceañera at age 15 to symbolize their transition to womanhood. Nose piercings allow women to take charge of their appearance and femininity. They can symbolize empowerment and self-assurance.

Cultural tradition: Uniqueness and self-expression

Many cultures around the world have a history of nose piercings holding personal and cultural meaning. No two nose studs are exactly alike. They allow a woman to communicate her individuality and personal style.

Was Tupac’s Piercing on the Left or Right Nostril?

Was Tupac's Piercing on the Left or Right Nostril

Now let’s get back to the original question: did Tupac wear his nose ring on the left or the right side? After an exhaustive review of photos, videos, and testimonials, the evidence conclusively shows:

Tupac’s nose ring was primarily worn on his RIGHT nostril. In almost every photo where the piercing is clearly visible, it is through the right nostril. This matches what Tupac’s friends like Jada Pinkett Smith say, and rules out the idea that it regularly switched sides. 

There are some images showing a hoop on the left side. But these are reversed images that flip Tupac’s appearance. In the originals, the ring is consistently on the right. So while Tupac did occasionally experiment with a left piercing, his signature look was a small silver hoop worn proudly through his right nostril. Mystery solved.

The Meaning of a Right Side Nose Piercing

Since Tupac usually wore his nose ring on the right side, what does a right nostril piercing represent? Here are some common symbolic meanings associated with right-side nose piercings:

Strength and masculinity: The right side is associated with dominance and strength in many cultures, as most people are right-handed. 

Mysticism: In Ayurvedic tradition, the right nostril is linked to the sun and heating energy in the body. Piercing it can have a mystical meaning.

Spiritual protection: In Indian culture, nostril piercings on the right side are believed to ward off evil energy.

Male power: Historically, nose piercings were worn by men in some societies as a show of virility, courage, and warrior status.

Symmetry and balance: Piercing the right nostril can create balance with single left-side piercings. 

So for Tupac, his right nose ring likely represented a mix of strength, spirituality, and defiance – a perfect encapsulation of his art and persona.

Tupac’s Signature Hoop Nose Ring

Tupac's Signature Hoop Nose Ring

While Tupac did occasionally sport studs and other nose ring styles, his most iconic look was a small silver hoop through his right nostril. This subtle yet stand-out piercing defined his style. Tupac’s nose hoop was typically about 12-16 gauge in width, with a diameter of around 5/16″. This created a snug fit that highlighted his nostril without being overly showy.

The polished silver color matched most of the jewelry he wore, including chains, bracelets, and earrings. It gave his features some sparkle without pulling focus. According to jewelry experts, the hoop likely had a hinge and clasp closure. This allowed him to easily insert it without the need for a piercer to stretch the piercing open. Letting the hoop sit close to his face gave it an intimate, almost sensual look. It became not just a fashion statement, but a key part of how fans saw Tupac the artist and activist.

Tupac Shakur’s Iconic Nose Ring Jewelry 

Tupac’s distinct nose ring is intricately linked to his identity and image. Let’s take a closer look at some key facts about this famous facial jewelry:

Made of sterling silver: High quality and durable precious metal that gave it a polished, bright finish. Typically 12-16 gauge: Relatively thin hoops that were subtle and close-fitting in his nostril. Diameter around 5/16: Small enough to be understated, large enough to notice. Give it balance. Hinge closure: Allowed him to insert and remove easily without re-piercing. Worn on the right nostril: His signature look, though he did occasionally wear hoops on the left too. Made nose piercings popular for men: Before Tupac, nose rings were seen as feminine. He made them edgy and hip. Became his visual trademark: Just as iconic for Tupac as revolution jewelry was for Che Guevara. Simply put, Tupac’s modest but eye-catching nose hoop was perfect for his revolutionary image.

Tupac Without His Signature Nose Ring

Tupac Without His Signature Nose Ring

While it’s hard to imagine Tupac without his famous nose piercing today, there was a time when the rapper performed without it. In the very early days of his career, in the late 80s and early 90s, Tupac did not yet have his nose ring. Promotional photos from Digital Underground and his first album 2Pacalypse Now show Tupac’s face free of piercings. But by the release of his second album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z… in 1993, Tupac’s nose ring was on full display. It quickly became a staple part of his look as his fame grew.

There are also a few rare photos of Tupac without the nose ring later in his career. In some cases, it seems to have been removed for films or videos depicting historical characters who would not have worn one. But for the most part, once Tupac got his iconic nose pierced, it stayed as a permanent part of his public image until the end. For millions of fans, the words “Tupac” and “nose ring” are practically synonymous.

Other Rappers with Signature Nose Piercings 

Tupac wasn’t the only hip hop artist to make a nose ring part of their signature style. Here are some other rappers known for their iconic nose piercings:

  • Slick Rick Wore a thick gold hoop in his left nostril, with matching gold chains and rings. His look influenced hip hop fashion in the 80s.
  • LL Cool J Had a diamond stud in his left nostril in the 90s, complementing gold earrings in each ear. 
  • Nelly Popularized the “band-aid” look, wearing an adhesive bandage over his left nose stud. It became a Y2K fashion trend.
  • Lauryn Hill Iconic for wearing a delicate nose stud and hoop along with her natural beauty. 
  • Wiz Khalifa Known for small black studs and hoops in both nostrils, part of his laidback style.

While Tupac made the nose ring truly famous, these artists kept the trend going strong. For them, like Tupac, it was both fashion and self-expression.

The Meaning Behind 2Pac’s Nose Piercing

As a bold fashion choice, Tupac’s nose piercing also carried deeper meaning that resonated with his persona and beliefs. Here are some potential symbolic meanings behind his iconic nose ring:

Status and power – Historically worn by men as a sign of warrior status. Showed Tupac’s masculine side.

Rebelliousness – Nose rings were uncommon for men at the time. Broke gender norms.  

Resistance – Like his “thug life” tattoo, it represented resistance against oppression and racism.

Spirituality – Linked to mystical energy and enlightenment in some cultures. Reflected Tupac’s philosophies. 

Courage – Getting an unconventional piercing showed bravery and being true to himself. 

Sensuality – The intimate jewelry highlighted natural male beauty and sexuality.

Individuality – Spoke to Tupac’s identity as an artist and revolutionary.  

So while also a fashion choice, Tupac’s piercing carried personal and cultural symbolism – it was an outward manifestation of his inner beliefs.

Different Types of Nose Piercings 

The mystery of which side Tupac wore his nose ring on underscores the variety of nose piercings and jewelry people can choose from today. Some common types include:

  • Nostril: A single stud or hoop on one side. Most classic and popular nose piercing.
  • Septum: Piercing through the cartilage separating the nostrils. Often worn with rings or horseshoe jewelry. 
  • Bridge: Vertical piercing along the bridge of the nose. Usually done symmetrically on both sides.
  • High nostril: Piercing placed higher on the nostril or by the crease of the nose. 
  • Double or triple: Multiple studs or hoops along the same nostril. Creates a layered effect.
  • Symmetrical: Matching piercings on both nostrils. Mixes studs and hoops for creative combos.

The options are endless for expressing yourself through nose piercings. Whether a simple nostril or layered look, they’re in style.

Which Nose Piercing Suits Your Face?

Which Nose Piercing Suits Your Face

With so many nose piercing styles to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your face shape and features? Here are some tips:

Round or heart-shaped faces: Studs and dainty jewelry look best. Avoid large hoops that can overwhelm softer features.

Square faces: Hoops and dramatic piercings complement strong angles. Septum rings also work.

Oval faces: Lucky you – any nose piercing style will complement your balanced features.  

Big noses: Go for dainty studs on the nostril to avoid drawing excessive attention.  

Small noses: Bolder hoops or rhinestones can enhance petite features.

Piercings on both sides: To maintain symmetry on an asymmetrical face.

The key is complementing your features and bone structure. Talk with an experienced piercer about the placement and jewelry to make your new nose piercing shine.


While seemingly a minor detail, Tupac Shakur’s nose piercing spawned an ongoing debate among fans for years about whether it was on the left or right side. It turns out his signature look was a small silver hoop through his right nostril, with rare exceptions.

This enduring mystery shows how something as simple as a nose ring can become an iconic part of an artist’s image. Beyond just fashion, Tupac’s piercing carried personal symbolism and meaning that resonated with fans.

Hopefully we’ve put this nostril debate to rest once and for all. But the next time you see an old photo of Tupac, take a close look at that famous nose ring. Remember, no matter what side it’s on, it’s part of what made him a legend.


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