How Much Is A Nose Piercing In California?

Nose piercings have become an increasingly popular form of body modification in recent years. With so many piercing shops opening up, especially in California, you may be wondering about the costs involved. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of nose piercing prices in California.

While costs can vary, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 for a standard nostril or septum piercing in California. Read on to learn about factors that influence pricing. 

Pricing for nose piercings in California depends on several factors like the piercing studio, jewelry type and placement. High-end studios in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco tend to charge more compared to shops in smaller towns. Septum and bridge piercings also cost more than nostril.

Are nose piercings unprofessional?

Whether nose piercings are deemed professional or not depends on the environment. Traditional corporate settings and client-facing roles still favor a clean, conservative appearance. An obvious nose stud or ring may be frowned upon in these industries. However, attitudes are evolving as body modification becomes more mainstream. Many companies in creative fields like tech or media don’t mind piercings. It’s wise to check your workplace dress code. 

If unsure, opt for a subtle nose stud that blends in. You can always switch to a hoop or sparkly gem for evenings and weekends. Ultimately nose piercings don’t inherently undermine one’s skills or professionalism. With today’s growing acceptance, they’re becoming less of an issue.

Can a 13 year old get a nose piercing?

Can a 13 year old get a nose piercing

Most professional piercers follow regulations that require parental consent to pierce minors under 18. However, some states like California permit body piercing for those under 18 as long as a parent is present to sign a waiver. Rules vary by county too. For example, it’s illegal to pierce anyone under 18 in San Francisco regardless of parental permission. Los Angeles also prohibits piercing minors without consent. To be safe, call ahead to piercing shops and verify their age policies. Otherwise you may be turned away. 

Remember that nose tissue is still developing in 13 year olds so piercing risks like infection and swelling can be higher. While not illegal with parental approval in some areas, waiting until your teen is older is recommended for health and maturity reasons.

Do nose piercings smell? 

Nose piercings should not smell bad if properly cared for. During the healing period, a new nose piercing will secrete lymphatic fluid that can have a mild odor. This is normal for the first few months. Once healed, occasional hygiene is key to avoiding smells. Rinse your nose piercing daily while cleaning your face to remove any dried discharge or debris. About once a week, soak your piercing in a saline solution or sea salt water to disinfect the hole. 

Rotate your jewelry regularly to prevent buildup on the post or hoop. Stay away from fragranced lotions or soaps that can irritate the piercing. See your piercer immediately if a foul, pus-like discharge develops as that may signal infection. Practicing good nose piercing hygiene and aftercare will help minimize odor issues.

Are nose piercings tacky?

Are nose piercings tacky

Beauty is subjective, so whether nose piercings seem tacky or tasteful depends on personal opinion and context. Facial piercings have long carried stigma as unprofessional, rebellious or even trashy. But attitudes evolve, and nose studs and hoops are now seen as fashionable by many. Context also matters. An elegant diamond nose stud can look refined and stylish at a formal event. A nose ring with a bold design or chain may fit in at a music festival but not a board meeting. 

For some, piercings retain an inherent tackiness as they symbolize rebellion and go against tradition. But many see them as a form of self-expression. As facial piercings become more mainstream, perceptions shift. In the end do what feels authentic for you. The right nose piercing can convey personal style without being tacky.

Can I flip my nose piercing up on the first day? 

It’s not recommended to flip a new nose piercing up into the nostril on the very first day. The initial jewelry is meant to accommodate swelling and allow drainage during the healing period. Flipping it up too soon can trap fluid and bacteria inside the piercing channel and lead to an infection called a “nose bump”. It also poses risks of irritation since the jewelry moves through the fresh wound. Better to keep new nose piercings flipped down for at least a few weeks until partially healed. 

Once swelling has subsided after 2-6 weeks, ask your piercer when it’s safe to gently flip the jewelry up on occasion. Take care not to tug the piercing and only flip up solid nose studs, not hoops. With proper aftercare, you can then hide your new nose piercing when needed after the first couple weeks. Just avoid keeping it flipped up constantly.

What nose shape is best for nose piercings?

What nose shape is best for nose piercings

Fortunately, nose piercings tend to complement all different nose shapes when done properly. For small or narrow noses, a dainty stud placed on one nostril creates balance without overwhelming your features. If concerned about drawing attention, position it farther from the tip of your nose. For larger or wider noses, a hoop or symmetrically placed stud can harmonize with your proportions. 

To play up your nose’s assets, have it pierced in a wider spot to highlight or lift the shape. Those with rounder, bulbous tips often prefer high nostril piercings to draw eyes upwards. Flatter bridges can pull off a dramatic septum ring. A reputable piercer will consider your anatomy to determine optimal nose piercing placement. The key is finding experienced professionals who will complement your natural features. Any nose shape can work beautifully with the right jewelry style and placement.

Is nose piercing dangerous?

When done correctly by a licensed professional, a nose piercing poses minimal risks. However, unhygienic piercing practices can lead to dangers like infection or permanent scarring. Look for an experienced piercer who maintains an impeccably clean studio with autoclave equipment to sterilize needles. They should use single-use needles and gloves. The piercing process should be as quick and sterile as possible. Avoid piercers who reuse needles or jewelry between clients. 

Ensure they pierce at an appropriate angle and depth for your anatomy. With quality piercing and careful aftercare, you likely won’t experience issues beyond temporary swelling, redness and drainage. Monitor for signs of infection like fever, increased swelling and yellow/foul discharge. See a doctor promptly if these occur, as oral antibiotics may be needed. While an uncomplicated nose piercing is quite safe, it’s key to choose a reputable piercing shop with strict safety protocols.

How painful is a nose piercing?

Pain levels for a nose piercing feel differently depending on the individual and exact piercing location. In general, it’s moderately painful given the sensitive facial location but very tolerable for a brief piercing. Most describe the sensation as a quick, hot pinch or bee sting. Your eyes may water but the piercing itself takes just a few seconds. Nostril piercings are considered the easiest, with quick pain subsiding as soon as the needle passes through. Septum and high nostril piercings go through a bit more cartilage so cause sharper, more lingering pain. 

Anxiety sometimes increases the level of discomfort so it helps to do deep breathing and go to an experienced studio you trust. While aftercare soreness lasts a few weeks, the piercing itself is over fast. The pain is far from unbearable for most and worth it for the style payoff. Over-the-counter numbing creams or sprays can also lessen piercing pain.

What is a tandem nose piercing?  

What is a tandem nose piercing

A tandem nose piercing refers to getting both nostrils pierced to create a symmetrical, balanced look. This can be done simultaneously in the same session or spaced apart by months or years – whatever you prefer. Tandem piercings may use identical jewelry, like double studs or dual hoops, for perfect symmetry. You can also use different shaped jewelry in each nostril, like pairing a stud with a hoop, given the placement mirrors on both sides. Mixing metals, like rose gold and platinum, can create stylish contrast. 

The key point is balance between each nostril. Tandem piercings allow more accessorizing options since the holes match. Coordinate your double nose bling with different outfits for versatile style. Healing two fresh nose piercings together does take extra aftercare to prevent infection in both nostrils. But motivated folks handle it fine. Tandem nose piercings let you rock double the sparkle.


How much does a nose piercing cost in California?

A standard nose piercing like a nostril or septum in California averages $40-60 including basic jewelry. High-end piercing studios can charge $70-$100. Unique piercings like a bridge may cost up to $150. 

How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced in California without parental consent? 

In order to get your nose pierced without parental consent in California, you must be 18 years old. California law stipulates the minimum age for consenting to piercings is 18 without a parent or guardian’s signature required.

Does a nose piercing hurt a lot?

Most people tolerate nose piercings well, describing the pain as quick pinch or sting. Nostril piercings are easiest. Septum and high nostril piercings through more cartilage cause moderate, lingering pain. Anxiety can increase discomfort so relax and breathe deeply. Numbing creams can help too.


Nose piercings have exploded in popularity across California as attitudes evolve. While costs range from $30 to $100, the sweet spot for most quality piercing studios falls around $50 plus jewelry. Nostril and septum locations remain the most accessible, especially for first-timers. But the unique bridge and high nostril piercings provide edgy style. Pain proves manageable for most. Many studios now cater to a diverse clientele as facial piercings go mainstream. From teens to professionals, everyone can express themselves through nose jewelry. 

Just be mindful of medical risks and your workplace dress code when making the decision. Approach nose piercings with care and intention. Done properly, they allow you to showcase your personal flair. And there are endless options to switch up your look. With so many professional piercers in California, you’re sure to find the perfect piercing and jewelry to accentuate your natural beauty.

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