Nose Piercing on Big Nose

With the rising popularity of nose piercings, those with larger noses may wonder if a nose piercing is right for them. Nose piercings can look amazing on all nose sizes and shapes with the right jewelry and placement. This guide will explore how to choose flattering nose piercings for big noses.

A nose piercing on a bigger nose can draw positive attention to your distinct features. The key is finding the most complementary piercing for your nose size and shape. When done right, a nose ring or stud can enhance your natural beauty. Read on for tips on choosing, styling, and caring for nose piercings for big noses.

Why Get a Nose Piercing?

Nose piercings are a bold way to express yourself. They allow you to accessorize your face and showcase your personal style. Here are some top reasons to get a nose piercing with a bigger nose:

Make a statement. A nose piercing provides an edgy, eye-catching addition to your appearance. It lets you stand out in a crowd. Boost self-confidence. Piercings can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. This is especially true if you want to draw positive focus to a feature like your nose. Try a new look. A nose piercing lets you experiment with a style you may not have felt comfortable with before. It’s a chance to reinvent yourself. Commemorate an experience. Mark a special time in your life, like a milestone birthday, with a meaningful piercing. Join a tradition. In many cultures, nose piercings hold significance and honor generations of heritage.

How Does a Nose Piercing on a Big Nose Look?

How Does a Nose Piercing on a Big Nose Look

Nose piercings on a larger nose can appear striking and eye-catching. The dimensions of your nose provide ample space to showcase unique jewelry shapes and sizes. A strategic piercing placement creates symmetry and brings out your natural features. With a big nose, you have more real estate for creative combinations of nose rings and studs. Mixing multiple piercings creates dazzling configurations. A nose chain connecting two piercings makes a bold fashion statement. 

The profile of your nose also impacts how a piercing looks. An upward tilt draws focus, while a downward tilt creates an elegant effect. An experienced piercer can suggest placements to complement your nose’s slope and size. In general, a nose piercing on a big nose adds a modern edge. The contrast of delicate jewelry against a prominent nose creates an artsy look. When designed thoughtfully, a nose piercing can improve your appearance rather than detract from it.

Choosing the Right Piercing and Jewelry

Selecting the most flattering nose jewelry involves:

  • Piercing location
  • Jewelry shape 
  • Jewelry size
  • Jewelry style

The placement plays a huge role in how a nose piercing will suit your features. The shape and size of the jewelry should balance and fit proportionately with your nose. 

Stylistic elements like metals, gems, and chain links let you express your personality. An experienced piercer can help you explore all these options to find your perfect adornment.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Piercing for a Big Nose

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Piercing for a Big Nose

Choosing the right nose piercing for a big nose can be exciting. For a smaller or narrower appearance, try a stud on the side or a delicate hoop. To create symmetry, go for a centered stud or hoop. For a unique look, consider a bridge or septum piercing. To add a feminine touch, opt for a dainty ring or a gem stud. For a bold statement, go big with a large hoop or a spike stud paired with a chain. Find the style that suits you and expresses your personality confidently.

Here are some top tips for choosing nose piercings that complement a big nose:

For a Smaller or Narrower Appearance:

  • Stud in the side of the nostril
  • Small delicate hoop or ring
  • Vertical tip piercing

For Symmetry and Balance: 

  • Stud centered on the tip of the nose
  • Symmetrical studs on both sides 
  • Centered hoop

For a Unique Look:

  • Piercing on the bridge 
  • Septum piercing
  • Double or triple piercings 

For a Feminine Touch:

  • Dainty ring or hoop
  • Gem, crystal, or pearl stud
  • Piercing paired with an understated chain

For a Bold Statement:

  • Large gauge hoop
  • Spike or barbell stud
  • Piercing paired with a chain accent

The Benefits of Nose Piercings for Big Noses

The Benefits of Nose Piercings for Big Noses

Getting a nose piercing offers many advantages when you have a larger nose:

Draws attention upward: A piercing can direct focus to the bridge of your nose, balancing prominent tip features.

Provides balance: Jewelry and placement can create symmetry for an uneven or asymmetrical nose shape. 

Highlights natural beauty: The right piercing brings out striking and regal qualities of a larger nose.

Allows self-expression: Nose piercings give you a way to stylize your most prominent feature.

Adds delicate details: Dainty rings or studs soften the look of a larger nose with feminine touches.

Creates harmony: Multiple piercings can enhance the dimensions of your nose when coordinated thoughtfully.

The Challenges of Nose Piercings for Big Noses

Choosing the right nose piercing for a big nose comes with challenges. Because of more cartilage and tissue, healing takes longer and faces extra pressure. It’s crucial to allow 4-6 months for proper healing. Using a longer piercing post helps with swelling, and seeing your piercer promptly for adjustments is key. Avoid touching the piercing, clean diligently, even if healing seems slow. While nose piercings offer many benefits, here are some potential challenges to keep in mind:

The Healing Process

With more cartilage and tissue, healing may take longer for a nose piercing on a bigger nose. The piercing is under more pressure and strain. Taking extra care will help the piercing heal properly.

Tips to Navigate These Challenges

Allow extra healing time of 4-6 months for a nose piercing on a big nose. Use a longer piercing post to accommodate more swelling. See your piercer promptly for a longer post if your original jewelry feels too tight. Avoid touching the piercing and continue cleaning diligently even if healing seems prolonged.

The Best Ways to Style Nose Piercings for Big Noses

The Best Ways to Style Nose Piercings for Big Noses

Choosing the right nose piercing for a big nose is fun and easy. Experiment with small and big rings, matching with other jewelry. Consider your facial features and pick metals that suit your style. Show your personality with unique charms, crystals, and trendy designs. The options are endless when it comes to styling your new nose piercing! Here are some top ideas:

Experiment with Jewelry Designs

Switch between dainty rings and bold hoops.

Coordinate your rings with other accessories like earrings or necklaces.

Try different metals like gold, rose gold, and silver.

Harmonize with Other Features 

Choose a piercing metal that complements jewelry you often wear.

Select a piercing size and shape that aligns with your other facial features.

Accentuate your eyes with a piercing stone color that matches your eye color.

Let Your Personality Shine

Make a statement with a skull, flower, lightning bolt, or other charms.

Add glittering crystals or birthstones. 

Opt for avant-garde shapes and designs.

Incorporate nose chains.


How painful is getting a nose piercing on a big nose?

Getting any nose piercing involves some degree of pain and discomfort. However, a nose with more cartilage and tissue may feel slightly more painful. The tip and bridge tend to be the most sensitive. Having an experienced piercer and taking care of the new piercing helps minimize pain.

Does a nose piercing help make a big nose look smaller?

It can! Strategic piercing placement and proportional jewelry can help balance and draw focus away from a droopy tip or bump. Delicate rings on the sides give the illusion of a narrower nose width.

How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal on a big nose? 

Healing typically takes 3-6 months for any nasal piercing. But bigger noses may require the full 6 months due to increased pressure and movement. Be patient and allow extra time if needed.

What’s the best metal for initial jewelry on a new nose piercing with a big nose? 

Surgical steel or titanium are ideal metals for initial nose piercing jewelry. They minimize risks of infection and allergic reaction during the vulnerable healing phase. You can swap for different metals after healing.

Should I get one or both sides pierced for my big nose?

Either look fantastic! One side draws subtle attention, while both create symmetry. Start with a stud on one side, and add another later on if desired. Multiple piercings on a big nose can align beautifully when spaced properly.


A nose piercing on a big nose makes a dramatic style statement. When done thoughtfully, it enhances natural beauty rather than detracting. The key is finding the most flattering placement and jewelry for your nose size and shape. Take care of the piercing during the healing phase. Once healed, you can have fun styling your new piercing and expressing your personal flair. A nose ring or stud provides a striking way to celebrate your prominent features.

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